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White thai kratom is a unique strain of the kratom plant that is known to provide both energy and mood-boosting benefits to users.  The effects are often compared to coffee or other typical pick-me-up caffeine sources.  The white colors come from the white vein that runs through the leaf of the plant.

White thai is a good option for anyone who is new to using kratom.  This strain is notorious for its refreshing aroma.  Unlike the red strain, it provides minimal pain relieving properties.  However, it is densely packed with energy boosting alkaloids that can provide all-day energy and euphoric feelings.  Read on to learn more about this marvelous white thai wonder.



According to wekratom.com, there are a wide range of benefits to white thai including but not limited to increased concentration, improvements in cognitive function (nootropic effects), boosted energy and euphoria.  This strain also provides endurance and helps fight depression. Results of this strain are dose-dependent.  Smaller doses are usually more stimulative while higher doses are more relaxing.

Long-lasting Energy

Many users also claim that the energy sustained from white thai lasts far longer than the caffeine buzz they get from coffee, leading to less of a “crash” and more productivity.  Kratom fans who use this strain instead of coffee do not suffer the famous caffeine headaches almost all caffeine users get when they don’t have sufficient caffeine levels in their body.

There are no adverse effects such as sweating, shaking or heart palpitations associated with this either.  This is far more sustainable for the body than other stimulants.  Keep in mind that those who are experiencing kratom for the first time may experience longer, more intense effects.


Cognitive Boost

White thai fans report an increase in cognitive capability.  Many people claim that the strain has significantly improved their memory.  Other cognitive boosting effects kratom fans swear by is an increase in focus and concentration.  With more research, scientists may be able to see if this drug could be a natural replacement for drugs such as Ritalin (methylphenidate), Adderall and other stimulants that treat ADHD.  White thai is a far more natural way to boost brain activity than these dangerous, highly addictive chemical alternatives.


While we’re on the subject of the brain, let’s talk about what white thai kratom can do for mental health.  Besides being a mood booster and a cognitive enhancer, this strain is also known for its anti-depressant properties.  Yes, finally!  A natural herb that can be used for mental health! A much better alternative to pharmaceutical chemical concoctions like anti-depressants, wouldn’t you agree?  Not much has been proven in this field research-wise, but it is in the works.  Meanwhiles, thousands of kratom users can attest an increase in their mental health thanks to this drug.

Awesome Alkaloids

What is it that makes kratom so wonderful for the human body? It’s the alkaloids! For those who are totally unfamiliar with alkaloids, they are natural, nitrogen-containing bases that are found in plant tissues.  The alkaloids found in white thai that help it do what it does best are called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.  Together, with other chemicals in the brain they create those wonderful mood-enhancing effects, helping people improve their lives every day.

What’s the Difference?

Ok, so what’s so special about white thai that makes it different from the red strain? As we mentioned earlier, this strain has less pain-killing abilities than its red counterpart.  It’s much more similar to green strains which also give coffee-like energy and feelings of euphoria.  There are many different substrains of white kratom with different origins.

They include white bali, white borneo, white maeng da, white damper, white dragon, white kapuas, white sumatra, white bantuagie, white indo, white gold, and white horned maeng da (http://cbdkratomshops.com/kratom/).  You could try a different sub-strain every day of the week!  Different sub-strains have slightly different qualities.  Also, depending on the individual’s tolerance levels, the effects will differ person to person.  It’s all about taking your time and exploring what really works for you.  However, with all of your different options, you’ll certainly never be bored!


Like we mentioned above, everyone is different, so the dose that works for you is going to depend on one factor…YOU!  Factors such as weight, tolerances, concurrent herbs or medications, genetics, etc. all play a role in just how white thai kratom will affect you.  It is not recommended to take kratom with anything other medication or herb for your safety.  The usual dosage for someone who is looking for stimulating effects, similar to the nature of coffee or tea, is about 5 grams.  More is taken for relaxing effects.  However, if you are brand new to kratom, we suggest taking it slowwww.  Try first with 1 gram and work your way up.  Give it some time to take effect.  Most users claim the drug works within 10-15 minutes.

How to Enjoy it

White thai kratom is most often enjoyed in capsule form, as the dried kratom leaves are ground down into a powder.  However, some enjoy brewing tea from the dried leaves or mixing the powder in smoothies or yogurt.  Some compare it to a potent green tea-like flavor.  If you just want to go the traditional route, like the millions of indigenous who enjoyed this plant of southeast Asia, you can always just chew on the leaves if that tickles your fancy! There are endless options available to enjoy your kratom.

Where to Purchase

Now that you read all the benefits of white thai kratom, you’re ready to experience them for yourself.  So where can you purchase this wonderful supplement?  You can find it online.  Interested in other strains too? Check out our article review on Kraken Kratom, one of the leading kratom vendors online, to hear all about what they have and what we think of them.

Why Kratom

7 out of 10 people from North America are currently taking some sort of prescription medication.  We are also in the middle of an opioid crisis.  Many do not know the power of alternative medicine and the many benefits it can bring to their lives.  Kratom has helped and continues to help many people wean from harmful drugs to a more natural, sustainable lifestyle.  Check out our other articles on kratom and learn how this plant can change your life.

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