Pain Relief With Red Kratom

Kratom is a safe and natural alternative to pain medication that helps people deal with both temporary and chronic pain. If you’ve read any of our other articles, you’ll know about where kratom comes from and all the different reasons for its use. In this article, we will discuss one of the best uses for red kratom—freedom from pain!

Kratom is the Answer
Instead of having to take a myriad of different medications that merely cover up different symptoms (much like a band-aid), many people have discovered that using kratom can help them live pain-free and healthy lives. Fans of kratom love that it is a natural product from the earth instead of a synthetic and dangerous concoction of chemicals from a lab like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

The Risk of NSAIDS
There has been a lot of noise lately about NSAIDs causing heart attacks, strokes, and other fatal diseases. NSAIDs include aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, and naproxen to name a few. The FDA has recently issued a strong warning to the public regarding the undeniable link between long-term NSAID use and increased risk of disease. Fourteen years ago the FDA first warned that NSAID use results in an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, yet people still take medications like aspirin daily for heart attack prevention or Advil daily for arthritis pain. Scary, right?

The question should not be: how many lives have been lost thanks to NSAID use? The question instead should be: how many lives can be saved with kratom?

Best Strains for Pain
Almost any red strain of kratom can be used for its pain relieving properties. However, the very BEST strains for pain relief include

-Maeng Da
-Red Bali

Maeng Da
Maeng da is one of the most popular kratom strains on the market and is best known for its potent analgesic properties.

Effects of the red strain are comparable to the green strain, producing energy and focus, unlike many other red strains. It is often best taken in the morning, so that it doesn’t disturb sleep patterns. Red maeng da can also produce intense feelings of euphoria. It has become a favorite ingredient in many cocktails in Thailand to produce these euphoric sensations. Euphoria is one of the best sensations we can experience as human beings. Pain relief + euphoria= a much-improved life for many people.

Maeng da is not an original strain, but instead, it was created as a blend. It originates from the JongKong and Bunut regions in southeast Asia. This strain was produced by grafting, a technique in which the tissues of multiple plants are mixed together to bring out the different properties of each into a new strain ( The purpose of this blend was to create a remedy for pain while decreasing sedative effects (which often accompanies other red strains) so that people could still work and do their job efficiently without fatigue. And according to users, it certainly does the job!

Alkaloid Make-up
Maeng da is grown specifically for its alkaloids. The alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine can suppress the sensation of pain and discomfort, acting just like an opioid receptor and blocking out all the bad stuff. The alkaloids may also be responsible for those feel-good endorphins the brain releases in response to the kratom, lifting your mood and making you feel great. Maeng da is the strain to turn to when you need pain relief and good vibes without having to fight fatigue.

Side Effects
However, we must address reality in that sometimes the strain is not for everyone. Rare side effects may include nausea or increased heart rate. Often these do not last for very long, and the pain relief and good feelings follow after the negative side effects pass.

Red Bali
Alkaloids are the answer when it comes to pain relief. Another potent, alkaloid-packed strain is red bali.

Red bali differs from maeng da because it is not as much of an energy booster, producing more sedative-like qualities. It is best taken toward the end of the day due to this. Those who suffer from pain who also suffer from sleep disturbances will benefit most from red bali rather than maeng da. Many users report increased feelings of relaxation; others report euphoria.

Like maeng da, red bali comes from the JongKong and Bunut regions. Also, just like maeng da, it is a blend of different strains to produce desired effects.

Alkaloid Make-up
About 25 power-packed alkaloids are what make this strain so potent compared to others. The two strongest alkaloids found in red maeng are also found in red bali, although in less quantity. Red bali is the choice for those who need pain relief and some quality sleep.

Side Effects
Rare side effects may include nausea or stomach pain, blurred vision or headaches. These often pass quickly, followed by the desired effects. Some users develop a tolerance after long-term usage, but this can be mitigated by temporarily switching to another strain.

Safety and Dosage
Maeng da and red bali are your two best bets for quality pain relief. However because everyone is different, each strain will affect each person differently. New users to these strains should take it slow, starting with the minimum dose (1 gram) and slowly increasing for desired effects. If you are seeking pain relief, we encourage you to try both strains. You may love them both, or you may favor one over the other. There are so many strains to choose from with each one serving a particular purpose.

There has never been any proof of serious harm or death directly related to kratom usage. It remains a top choice for those who are seeking a safe alternative to harmful pharmaceutical pain medication.

Where to Buy
We encourage you to continue to do your research on the best strains that may work for you. If you are ready to buy, make sure it is from an accredited supplier. We love—a great option if you are in the US. You can check out our review on them <here>.

We Hope You Love It
We do hope you enjoyed exploring the best kratom strains for pain relief with us. Please feel free to check out some of our other articles on this site, and read your way to better health. We wish all the best along your journey to a happier and healthier life, and we hope you continue to choose us to help you along your way.

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