Kraken Kratom Review – Release The Kraken!

If you’ve read our other articles about the wonders of kratom and all of the benefits it entails you should be pretty familiar with the herb by now.  Then, the question becomes, just where do I find some quality kratom?  Well, luckily you chose our site (smart choice my friend), and we promise to help guide you on your journey to better health and help you learn more about alternative medicine, providing the very best resources along the way.

Got 5 minutes? Do a quick Google Search for “buy kratom” and take a look at what pops up.  One of your first choices should be for a company called Kraken Kratom.  There’s a reason why it’s #1.  It’s more than just a kick-ass name.  It’s a well-established, customer-service oriented company, and an excellent source for quality Kratom extract and powder.  Read on to find out why we’re k-razy for Kraken Kratom.


Whatever kratom products you’re looking for, you can probably find them here on their aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use website.  You have a plethora of marvelous choices at your fingertips, backed by hundreds great of reviews by fans of the organization.  They offer kratom in the form of powder, leaves, tea, pre-filled capsules, empty capsules (so you can adjust your dosage as needed), tea accessories, and kava extract and powder as well.  Everything you need, and more! Here’s a look at what they offer specifically:

-16 types of kratom powders

-15 types of kratom extracts

-11 types of kava powder

-5 types of kava extract

-4 types of kratom tea capsules

As the company continues to grow, it will offer even more quality products.  Want to make your own capsules with your own dosages?  Need a scale to measure it out? Or tea accessories for straining purposes?  This website has it all.  Quality product delivered right to your door for you to enjoy.


Perhaps the best part about the company, besides the ease of ordering, is that they offer free same day shipping!  Good luck finding that kind of convenience with other vendors.  Another convenient aspect is how easy they are to contact.  You can call, email, or get on a live chat with a representative.  Got questions about a product? I clicked on the chat option, and I was talking with a knowledgeable and friendly representative instantly.  You can also check your order status online.  What an age we live in…

4 Ways To Pay

You can pay via:


-American Express


-Cash on Delivery: Say what?! COD offers the customer the option of paying via money order or cashier’s check to the delivery driver.  How cool is that?

Great Return Policy

Kraken Kratom offers a 30-day return policy on their products.  As long as the product is in an unopened and untampered condition, they will offer a refund.  If you are unhappy with the product, you can return the opened product for store credit, and find another product that suits you.  This is a pretty good policy compared to many other companies.


This company offers an innovative rewards system for loyal members.  Keep this in mind when ordering and you can save some cash.  When you rate their products, like their page on facebook, share on Twitter, etc., you’ll rack and stack some points.  Even bigger point bonuses come with subscribing to their newsletter and signing up for an account.  The only downfall about the rewards is that they will expire in 90 days, so you’ve gotta use ‘em or lose ‘em.

It’s easy to see that this company really appreciates it’s customers.  The more often you buy from them, the more deals they will send you for loyalty.

Trusted and Recognizable

All products from this company are GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant with their products regularly lab tested for quality control purposes.  This is a safer, more quality product than the competitors who do irregular (or even zero) testing.  Your body is your temple.  To care for it in the best ways, it needs the cleanest, most pure products.  They test with a food lab for alkaloid content and to make sure products are free of harmful contaminants.  Kraken kratom guarantees their purity.


I think the most impressive thing I read on this page was the information about their capsules.  They offer capsules that are made of 100% vegetable cellulose and purified water.  Each type comes with a clear description and suggestive dosage, with appropriate warnings.  You won’t find that very often on the market.


Ethical Production

In a world where our rainforests are disappearing, and other natural resources are sacrificed for corporate benefit, it is vital that we support ethical organizations who strive to protect our natural resources and provide their products fairly, upholding an ethical standard.

It is paramount to know where your product is coming from when you are purchasing alternative medicine.  Krakon is forth-coming with where their products come from and include batch information with every product.


Ok ok..So What’s the Catch Here?

With all of the fantastic perks KK offers, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, at the moment, they only ship to addresses in the U.S.  This is our only beef with the site.  Hopefully, as they expand, they will be able to ship internationally and provide their high-quality products around the world.  But if you’re in the U.S., what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

You Deserve the Best

Kraken Kratom are well-defined leaders in the kratom industry.  This company has been a significant resource for those who use kratom to improve their health and quality of life.  This family-owned business provides safe and quality products any customer can count on, all at very competitive prices.

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