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Dabbling in the world of kratom and curious to know what green malay is all about?  In this article, we will explore the origins, uses, benefits, dosage and safety factors regarding this strain.

Green malay is an extraordinary strain of kratom that helps thousands of people every day live a better life.  It has become quite popular in North America over the past decade because of its potency.  Read on to learn about the endless benefits of this plant and why we love mighty (green) malay.

The green malay strain comes from…you guessed it…Malaysia.  This country is notorious for growing and providing world-class kratom strains.  It has been used for thousands of years among Malaysians for both medicinal and recreational use.  And like other kratom strains, the color originates from the vein of the leaf.  It is packed with alkaloids and anti-oxidants that provide an infinite amount of benefits for different uses.

Common Uses

Many users turn to green malay for the following reasons:

-Mood enhancer

-Pain reliever



Start Every Day with a Good Mood

Many users of green malay kratom are often fans of the mood-enhancing benefits that green malay offers.  Along with a pick-me-up vibe, feelings of euphoria can sometimes be achieved.

Researchers are still learning about the interactions of the plant and the role they play with the chemicals of the brain that allow users to feel these beautiful sensations.  It is believed to be a psychostimulant, releasing endorphins as well as serotonin (those happy, feel-good hormones).  Green malay can help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues.

Live a Pain-Free Life

This strain can also be used as an excellent pain reliever.  Green malay is an analgesic because of the opioid-like receptors that mimic the effects of morphine.  But it’s not quite morphine!  Nor does it show up in a standard drug test ( Hence why many people can use this drug daily, keep their regular jobs and live a better, pain-free life.  Talk about a win-win situation.

Green malay provides some strong pain relief, without the addictive nature of an actual opioid.  It is a pure and safer alternative to pharmaceutical pain medications, not to mention far more sustainable over a lifetime.  It is also much cheaper than prescription pain medication.

What kind of pain does it help with?  Users have reported significant pain reduction for the following:

-Relief from migraines

-Chronic pain

-Muscle pain


Migraines can be very debilitating and many people must live with these.  Green malay is an excellent resource for those who suffer from migraines.  Instead of suppressing the pain it alleviates and manages the symptoms (  Good luck finding a prescription med that can do that!

Chronic Pain

Green malay has helped to change the lives of thousands who suffer from chronic pain from cancer, fibromyalgia, and other awful ailments.  It had been embraced because it is less addictive, more affordable, and more natural, resulting in fewer side effects.  This allows users to conquer their pain, and take control of their lives once again.

Muscle Pain

Another common use of green malay is for muscle pain.  Those who must endure very physical jobs that involve standing for long periods, repetitive use of the same muscles, heavy lifting, etc., often find relief from daily aches and pains with this strain.  Kratom has been used for centuries for this very purpose, allowing workers an escape from pain and helping them get through the workday.

Stimulant or Relaxant

As listed above, mighty malay can be used as both a stim and a relaxant.   Wait…what?! How in the world can the same herb be used to increase energy and motivation but also aid in relaxation?!  Well, it depends on the dosage.  A lower dose provides more power while a higher dose offers relaxation.

The energy levels that green malay provides are much higher compared to other strains.  Think of it like taking a few shots of espresso compared to your usual drip coffee.  Be sure to keep this in mind when you are using this.

Need that extra energy boost to go for that 5 am run or lift more in the gym without the crash of pre-workout, coffee, or other caffeine supplements? Try a little green malay in your life, and you may find your solution.

Suffering from anxiety, work stress, or other life obstacles and want to relax a little bit? Take a bit more, and soon you will be able to breathe deep and let it go.

It seems like magic, but this plant can help with both relaxation and energy.  But don’t take our word for it.  See for yourself.

These are just some of the many uses for green malay.  There is so much more to be discovered as we learn more about this plant.


New to the strain? Take it slowwww.  Start with 1 gram, and work your way up.  Only increase by .5 grams each time.  Be aware that this strain often takes longer to take effect than others.  Continue as needed.  2-3 grams per 150 lb individual is about the norm for the average user, with 10 grams being the absolute maximum.


We encourage you to explore this awesome strain. However, we strongly encourage you to use caution with your first few doses.  As we mentioned before, green malay is a stronger strain than others. Due to its intense strength, you will probably need a lot less compared to other strains you may have already tried.  Remember that it affects everyone differently based on their weight and other factors.  Be smart in your dosage, and you will reap all the benefits kratom has to offer.

Our Thoughts

Green malay is an excellent strain for anyone who is looking to explore the different uses.  You may enjoy the strain through a tea infusion, capsule, liquid extract, or whatever suits your fancy.  However, for your own safety, ensure that you are buying quality kratom from a trusted and certified resource like Kraken Kratom.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and if you are curious about other strains, or you are just starting your kratom quest, please check out our other articles on this site.  Cheers!

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